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Get in touch with SiN if you have any questions, the most common support questions are answered below:

Removing an account
Login, go to the setting menu and select delete account. Everything is erased.

Cancelling a subscription
This depends on how you paid as each payment system is different. From with the settings menu you can select subscription, this will determine how you paid and what needs to be done to cancel. All cancellations are easy and take just a few minutes. No phone calls or messing about required!

No confirmation email
We send out confirmation emails when a user joins, remember to check your junk/spam box. If your email address has been over quota or has another technical issue we will stop all future emails. Use a new email address via the settings menu if you continue to have problems. We think Gmail is the best!

Get in touch
If you have any other questions then send an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Remove the spaces and [] from the address below, we hate getting bot spam as much as you do!

c o n t a c t _ u s [@] p l a t f o r m d a t i n g . c o m