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Online safety

You will see profiles made up by other people with the sole intent of scamming. Scammers try and create accounts on every type of dating site. Here is some advice to help protect yourself.

NEVER send money
No one asks for money unless they are a scammer or an escort, both of which are not welcome on SiN. If you never send any money you can never loose any money.

Fetish sites have scammers who claim to be financial doms, you send money as part of your submissive life style. It's not a 'thing' it is a scam. Report and block them right away!

They ask for naked pictures and videos, you send them and then they blackmail you. If you share a naked image via private chat please ensure you crop your face from the image. This goes someway to protecting yourself from blackmailers.

West Africa
She says that she's from the USA but is studding in Ghana. We say they're a scammer. Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Togo and Senegal are the top locations for romance scammers.

Offline safety

Check out some of the suggestions you should consider when meeting up.

  • Tell a friend
  • Take your phone
  • Use own transport
  • Meet in public 1st
  • Search social media
  • Meet before sex

Our offline and offline safety lists are not comprehensive and are considered as guidance only.